06 January 2012


i lost someone which loved me the most in the whole universe

and i miss you so much it hurts...

04 December 2010


this is muh 225 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i have stopped writing for a YEAR.. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

check the dates below *shrugs*

03 December 2010

i'm back

after such a long hiatus, i'm BACK! *pretending as if there is still some reader left*

OMFG, i'm f*cking busy as always.. never had the time to slow down, sip a cup of hot chocolate, escape from the hustle bustle of the klang valley and f*cking BLOG! i'm f*cking stress all the time

i never had time to eat, sleep or shop.. i just work work work all the time.. can anyone tells me what's wrong with me?!? just working and earning some pennies T__T

have i told you that i bought my car in april? my white vios is awesome possum..! but i gotta pay rm852 monthly for 7 freaking years! OMG

what's everyone doing out there? say hello to me, please.. pretty, please?

30 December 2009

au revoir

it's been quite a while since muh last updates

i reckon i'm not gonna write much anymore as i do not have the time to sit down & write bout things

don't get me wrong.. muh life is freaking awesome =)

all the best to all my readers!

p/s: probably i blog more after i get myself a new Blackberry ^^